Join FLOCK for an evening of performance on August 27th from 7:30-8:30 with a reception to follow.
Sliding scale of $5-10 (this includes light food and drinks)

In Circadia | Eliza Larson

Using non-REM and REM sleep cycles as generative material, In Circadia moves through the expansive space of the unconscious. It is the state of being in dream—not the dream itself, but the place in between, where you can almost remember what happened, just out of sight, out of memory. It asks about the rich texture of sleep and reverie: What is hidden and revealed as we travel through the dream state? Just as dreams are non-literal and non-sequitur translations of our daily lives and personal histories, In Circadia is an exploration of shared emotionality and states of being that permeate the sleep cycle.

Aglæca | Taylor Eggan + Daniel Addy

The origins of Aglæca (Old English: “monster,” “foe”) lie in Beowulf, an Anglo-Saxon epic that simultaneously valorizes and questions the social value of heroism and the personal ambition for achievement that drives it. At its core, the work reflects on the prototypical hero figure of Beowulf. In ways both obvious and subtle, this figure has long been part of our society’s ideological makeup—an inhuman yardstick for worldly success that is intimately bound up with that other great benchmark of normalcy and privilege: heterosexual white masculinity. Through movement, costuming, and a dynamic environment, the protagonist of Aglæca inhabits the (self-)destructive logic of this heroic consciousness.


Eliza Larson is an independent dancer, choreographer, and writer based in Portland, Oregon. She co-directs Mountain Empire Performance Collective, a long-distance dance company, and she will also perform with Tahni Holt in January 2017. Her choreographic research integrates set material and improvisation as a way to open dancers to the unexpected and instigate somatic curiosity. She is also an independent scholar and has published and presented on gender in dance as well as the creative process. She teaches an open class on Friday mornings at FLOCK.

Taylor Eggan is a performer and scholar whose artistic practice integrates virtuosic movement and rigorous, wide-ranging research. Over the past decade, he has performed extensively in Portland and Minneapolis, working in the fields of dance, theater, film, and music. Currently, he is also a doctoral candidate in literature.

 In addition to dancing in Portland for nearly two decades, Daniel Addy also has extensive experience filming, photographing, and designing for dance. His design work is pragmatic and sleek, often manipulating nontraditional materials or engineering resourceful rigging solutions to construct unexpected illusions and make sly and subtle transformations occur.