Referencing the explosive radical feminist art movement of the 70’s Apples & Pomegranates ruminates on assumptions and associations, motherhood, sensationalism, emotionality, sexuality and Holt’s image bound, white, 41 year old female identified body.  With the materiality of her body and a microphone Holt is unabashedly fierce, fragile, emotional, sexy, soft, natural and intuitive - walking the fault line between rejected stereotypes and embodied expression.

In collaboration with sound artist Luke Wyland.

The Critical Engagement Series brings together audiences & choreographers in hopes to reveal some of the mystery surrounding the language around dance & the unique practices of individual choreographers. We start with the question: What does the choreographer need at this particular moment in their process & how might this also serve the wider community?

December 10th // 5-6pm // $5-$10 suggested donation // nibbles + drinks provided

apples & pomegranates is supported in part by a Regional Arts and Cultural Council grant and The Lucky Penny's work room residency.