Sunday, September 6, 2015 – 11:30am-1pm

This open discussion is meant to establish an ongoing dialogue between artists and community members in Portland with artists and communities in Albuquerque.  As Albuquerque has recently seen a surge in the performing arts with organizations such as -SHIFT Contemporary Dance Collective, J. Garcia Dance Company, Studio Playhaus, lisa nevada dance, and many more - there is a desire to relate with cities, such as Portland, to cultivate a process of artist exchanges.  Albuquerque-based contemporary dance, performance art and dance theatre are primed for community engagement and audience education.  How can artists from these two cities support one another in promoting and presenting work on a regular basis?  What platforms are available to artists in both communities to create an ongoing exchange?  Can such an exchange cultivate a positive monetary impact on artist and communities?  Please join me and members of FLOCK in building a community that crosses state lines and promotes the sustainability of the performing arts.