Valentine Tanz presents "Notes on love and other stuff.." is an interdisciplinary performance, which combines expressive dance, improvised monologues, grotesque theater and refers to drag queen aesthetics. The choreography is being created in front of the audience as real time composition. The text springs out from personal experiences of the main character - Valentine Tanz- the queen of the night and the stars.

This performance invites viewers into a journey through emotional and spiritual states of the main character. She is like an urban shaman who opens the intimate space of her living room, where she practices cosmic dances and astrological sessions. Valentine subtly changes her moods by alternating the tone of her stories and body tones. It is a show/spectacle that goes beyond the standard male-to-female opposition and simultaneously combines these two issues in one question on the border of gender discourse. She plays a game where gender is most apparent in the lights of love and her existential dilemmas. She exists in her own world, which is vulnerably exposed to the public. Valentine creates a community with a public as a ritual to confront her existential challenges.

Valentine Tanz is an experimental art project created by Tomasz Foltyn - Polish choreographer, performer, physical thinker. It was premiered in 2015 at Barakah Theatre in Kraków, Poland.  The project was invited to many festivals and art spaces in Europe and the U.S. - 16th Feminist And Queer Festival in Ljubljana,Sloveia, Art at Farmers Market in Lublin, Polamd,  Dwie Zmiany Gallery in Sopot, Poland, WEEKEND_100° in Szczecin, Poland, 40th Theatrical Reminiscences in Kraków, Poland, SALTA New Dance in Oakland (CA), Mountain Studio by Anna Halprin (CA).

December 2nd 8pm Donations taken at the door


Tomasz Foltyn is an independent performer, mover, improvising artist, activist, cultural anthropologist, physical thinker, curator based in Kraków, Poland. He graduated from Shahar Dor's Artness in Israel and Performers House in Denmark. He studied performace & RSVP cycle with Anna Halprin in Calfornia (2011). His movement vocabulary was developed in Terminus a Quo Theatre, an independent movement theatre from Poland. He works within body based improvisation, dance, performance, visual arts. As independent artist he is interested in social and political body as untamed aspects of resistance, tenderness, and grace.