Critical Engagement Series with Hannah Krafcik + Emily Jones

The Critical Engagement Series brings together audiences & choreographers in hopes to reveal some of the mystery surrounding the language around dance & the unique practices of individual choreographers. We start with the question: What does the choreographer need at this particular moment in their process & how might this also serve the wider community?
Join us on November 10th , Saturday at 8:00pm to experience what Hannah + Emily have been working on/with. We watch and afterwards we discuss over drinks + Food. $5-$10 (sliding scale)

Hannah + Emily: We’ve realized our work together means pulling ourselves out from one another. Right now, in this process, we are leaning into our similarities and the antagonism that come with them, and the intimacy that feels possible and also impossible because of them. We are believing in the ways we know how, testing our faith (and also trying to have fun while we can).