Critical Engagement Series with Allie Hankins

The Critical Engagement Series brings together audiences & choreographers in hopes to reveal some of the mystery surrounding the language around dance & the unique practices of individual choreographers. We start with the question: What does the choreographer need at this particular moment in their process & how might this also serve the wider community?
Come on Oct. 15th, sunday at 8:00pm to experience what Allie Hankins has been working on/with. We watch and afterwards we discuss over drinks + Food. $5-$10 (sliding scale)

Working title: Invisible Touch


Is she or isn't she?
I’ll tell you
with a flickering side eye
the ache for solutions
(monolithic once revealed)
crying and fucking and joking and pratfalling
it takes many comb throughs
and admitting things are tangled
but that's all
melody plus ache (eyes fall side)
my body, gold and squealing (nose turns up)
glitter and debris of you
fitting it inside
hissing through teeth
she'll hire a marching band if she has to
eyes dead ahead
eyes so narrow
membranes stretching generously
this is water.



Allie Hankins is a Portland-based performer who makes works that toy with the destabilization of persona through uncanny physicality, wry wit, labyrinthine logic, and skillfully layered imagery, all while trying to suppress her contentious eagerness to please. She is an inaugural member of FLOCK: a dance center & creative home to Portland’s experimental dance artists spearheaded by Tahni Holt, and In 2013 she co-founded Physical Education: a critical & casual, reading & researching, drinking & dialoguing, dance & performance body comprised of herself, keyon gaskin, Taka Yamamoto, and Lu Yim. Physical Education hosts open reading groups & lectures, curates performances, and teaches workshops nationally. Most recently, Allie has performed wit ulien Prévieux (Paris), Morgan Thorson (Minneapolis), Tahni Holt (Portland), and Ruairi Donovan (Ireland). She has been an Artist in Residence at Caldera, the Djerassi Resident Artist Program, the Robert Rauschenberg Residency, and will be an Artist in Residence at the Wassaic Project in February 2018. Outside of Portland her work has been presented in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Berlin, Austria, Cork, and Tel Aviv.