Join Eliza and performers: Katie Burks, Taylor Eggan, Sara Himmelman, Erin Kraemer and Ella Matweyou with selected sections of In Circadia.  The work is inspired by states of being that permeate our sleeping lives. It asks about the state of sleep and the fascination of dream.  In Circadia is not a direct translation of sleep or literal dreams, but rather the space in between where you can almost remember what happened, just out of sight, out of memory. It asks about the rich texture of sleep and reverie: What is hidden and revealed as we travel through the dream state?  It is an exploration of shared emotionality and states of being that permeate the sleep cycle.

The Critical Engagement Series brings together audiences & choreographers in hopes to reveal some of the mystery surrounding the language around dance & the unique practices of individual choreographers. We start with the question: What does the choreographer need at this particular moment in their process & how might this also serve the wider community?

December 17th | Saturday 5:00-6:00pm |$5-$10 suggested donation

photo credit: Daniel Addy