Friday Feb. 27th: 7:00pm POTLUCK
Saturday Feb. 28th: 12:00-3:00pm CLASS w/ Madalina
Sunday, March 1st

FLOCK Director Tahni Holt & Madalina Dan of Bucharest, Romania have been collaborating together since 2013 at a series of residencies both in the US & in Romania. Please join us for special engagements that marks the end of Madalina’s second residency in Portland at FLOCK.
“This is a sensed encounter, an encounter experienced through the body, where it is the body that calls forth the politics and not vice versa. “When a body is in motion,” writes Massumi, “it does not coincide with itself. It coincides with its own transition: its own variation. . . . In motion, a body is an immediate, unfolding relation to its own nonpresent potential to vary." (Erin Manning)

More details coming soon....

This project funded through a project grant from RACC + ArtistN(e)st Residency in Romania
funded through the Suitcase Fund of New York Live Arts.