Join us at FLOCK for an evening of discourse, observations and explorations surrounding Tracy Broyle’s newest creation: HYDE. HYDE looks at, and plays with our dualities, shadows and light, gods and monsters.
A truly authentic voice in the dance community, Tracy, along with her cast, unpacks some of the choreography and speaks to the larger themes at play. FLOCK’s Critical Engagement Series brings together audience and choreographer in hopes to relieve some of the mystic surrounding the language around dance and the unique practices of individual choreographers. It is meant to serve both audience and choreographer by starting with this simple question: What does the choreographer need at this particular moment in their process and how might this also serve the wider community?  HYDE premiers at Studio Two on February 27th + 28th, March 1st, 6th-8th

Jan. 30th 7:30-8:30 Pay what you can ($5-$20 suggested donation) Drinks provided

HYDE received a RACC Individual Project Grant

Bio: Tracy Broyles is an art-maker based in dance and performance, a facilitator of structured and unstructured movement, and a body-worker. Dreams and intuition, archetypes, the unseen forces of energy, and the human condition guide her work.

Tracy has shown pieces and performed in San Francisco, New York and Seattle, as well as, Portland where she has created and self-produced five evening-length works to date. No project was born alone and each experience has called upon the talents of a unique assemblage of performers, visual artists, musicians, poets, or co-directors. Tracy has gratefully received support from RACC for several projects, and has been an artist at Caldera’s Winter Residency. She attended Deborah Hay's Solo Commissioning Project in 2010 and is now a keeper of “Art and Life.”

Tracy first discovered Pilates and Yoga as a young dancer, and after years of study felt passionate about sharing the healing and shaping qualities of intentional movement with others. She began teaching classes and seeing private clients in 2001, and completed her Pilates Certification in 2003. Tracy also studies and is influenced by the Alexander Technique and Butoh and incorporates energy work into her teaching and dancing. Straightforward and fun her style is to support the individual’s transformation into a more embodied self.