Saturday July 27th 4:00-7:00pm

Would you like to deepen your understanding of your gender experience?

Despite the rising tide of mainstream conversation, gender identity remains a difficult topic to comprehend mentally. We know that gender goes deeper than what is between your legs, how you dress or what your hobbies are. Maybe your gender seems to be a given – something that was handed to you at birth and never questioned. Or maybe, gender has been a topic you have grappled with inside yourself for a long time – something you’ve longed to understand with a deeper level of awareness.

To answer the question, “Who am I?” in words is a very difficult task that is often piecemealed together by the roles we fill, the things we love, and our physical characteristics rather than by expressing the true essence of our beings. We struggle to articulate identity because at its very core, the essence of who we are is felt in our bodies not thought by our minds.

This experiential movement workshop is an opportunity to explore gender identity through the language of the body: sensation, movement and breath. In this three-hour workshop, you will learn the foundational framework for embodied self-exploration to empower a sense of self that is defined from the inside out, versus the other way around. Through guided movement visualizations we will explore the archetypal energies of the feminine, the masculine and the androgynous that reside in each of us to deepen our awareness of how these three converging tides inform who we are and how we engage with our world. Guided by queer and non-binary Dance/Movement Therapist, Terra Anderson R-DMT, LPC-I, you will examine the presence or absence of these qualities, how you uniquely define these concepts for yourself, and how these archetypes inform your gender identity, expression and experience.

The workshop will consist of guided movement visualizations, journaling, optional art making, and connecting within community about our unique insights and experiences to learn from each other, support one another in our inner-voyage, and grow together.

Bodies of all genders, races, sexual orientations, sizes and abilities are invited to attend, as intersectionality will be a foundational element supporting this embodied inquiry.

Suggested Donation: $15-30 at the door. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

FLOCK is ADA accessible with non-binary bathrooms

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Terra Lyn Anderson MA, R-DMT, LPC-Intern, centers the queer, trans and non-binary community in their work as a somatic gender/sex therapist and change consultant in Portland. Terra is an erotic activist committed to supporting the LGBTQ+ community to access greater pleasure, fulfillment and connection by empowering the body as a guiding force for personal transformation. As a queer non-binary femme, Terra pledges themself to a future where all bodies are free from social oppression to live and love in ways that truly celebrate the beauty in our differences.