Saturday 10:30-11:30am June 29th

FLOCK Welcomes Heather Nichelle of Zaftig Dance. In Zaftig Diva Dance:  Embrace the powerful, sexy strong dancer inside you. This low impact but high attitude class will focus on joyful, empowering, confidence building dance. Inspired by burlesque, hip hop, ballet & jazz, everything from hairography to booty shaking!

Zaftig Dance is a body positive and fat centric artistic dance space. We recognize that each of us has our own physical challenges and abilities, and we agree to keep a neutral approach and refrain from negative criticism of our bodies to keep this a welcoming space for all. Our classes focus dance technique, strength, balance, joyful movement, connecting with our bodies, honoring our unique abilities and challenges with self-compassion, and creative expression.

$12 drop-in

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