MONDAY 7:30pm-9:00: June 10th, July 15th, Aug. 5th

Professional Mondays:

summer/SEAWEED (professional/advanced) is a movement workshop series developed by Amy Leona Havin in order to facilitate movement creation during rehearsals with The Holding Project. Based on Havin's dance training and experience with various movement languages originating in Israel, summer/SEAWEED uses variations of imagery and metaphor to tap into the body's natural power and fluidity, facilitating movement guided by sensation. This class is dedicated to finding openness and stamina within the body’s existing knowledge of classical and codified techniques. We will explore how to find delight within the effort of dancing, and how to push the boundaries of extension, flexibility, and standard repetition to press into new realms of creativity within structured practice. Lasting 90 minutes in length, this class consists of gravity work, guided movement exploration, technique investigation, conditioning, and some repertoire.

Drop-in // $16