Living by Choice: Releasing Yourself from the Habit of Who You Have Become

Facilitated by Robyn Avalon

Saturday-Sunday | May 18-19 | 10AM-2PM // Sunday at reFORM Pilates

We want the ability to make new choices, to define the present moment, to create the life we desire. But we are often held back, literally, by forces that we do not see and do not feel directly – our habits. Habitual reactions can be physical or emotional; in beliefs or memes; cellular or spiritual; from our personal past or our familial patterns. We don’t even notice that they are not our actual choices, but rather, what we have become accustomed to. Using a unique blend of Contemporary Alexander and the physics of consciousness, you will learn specific, accessible tools for making conscious choices in your everyday life.

Join Contemporary Alexander School Director Robyn Avalon for a profound exploration of the habit of being you.

Open to everyone who is willing to take a closer look.


$130 for the weekend workshop (Sat & Sun)

$75 for Sat 5/18 only at FLOCK