TWO ALEXANDER WORKSHOPS WITH ROBYN AVALON Contemporary Alexander Alliance School


Sacred Geometry is a profound study of the underlying nature of our existence, across all times and cultures, which, when understood, can deeply effect the our lives, personally and professionally. These 2 workshops are a part of a larger series of experiential workshops developed by Robyn specifically for somatic educators and curious movers.

SATURDAY MARCH 9th, 10-1pm: The 5 Elemental Shapes

This course introduces you to the 5 shapes that are universal through time and culture, and how to use the implied and direct energy of these shapes in your relationship with yourself, others, and groups.

SATURDAY MARCH 9th, 3-6pm: Bowls & Domes

This course travels through the inner and outer body, accessing the natural containers of the half/implied circle – the bowls and domes. Learn tools for using the energy of these sacred containers as you work with clients and yourself.

$75 for 1 workshop, $130 for both // REGISTER HERE