ALTARS OF RECONCILIATION WORKSHOP at FLOCK led by Tracy Broyles (movement/dance/core energetics); with jaime lee christiana (object making), and Adrian Hutapea (sound.)


Both movement and image arise from a place of abstract understanding- of intuitive depth that bypasses the language of our everyday interaction and presents itself through form, color, shape and dynamic. By making the invisible visible we can interact, observe and allow what has come out to impress back upon us.

In this workshop we invite the expressions of the un-analyzable through practices rooted in creative play- giving our unconscious a container for emergence. Each day will begin with a guided movement warm up, then transition to object experimentation and reflective altar building. The day will finish with improvised creative play time to sink deeper into how the aspects of energy and movement, object and altar, relate both on the outside and inside of you.Thematically building over the course of the 4 days, the last day will have a longer period of play accompanied by live music, as well as time to integrate the workshop through conversation.

June 24- 27 // Sunday- Wednesday // 9:30-12:15 am.

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photo: Jill Marie