A series of classes inspired by the Axis Syllabus (http://axissyllabus.org/) where we will explore the body in motion.  Looking at anatomies of a moving body through dance, rhythm, and movement we will engage in personal and group inquiry.  All experience levels welcome.

Aug. 24th | 10:00AM-1:00PM
$20-$30 sliding scale

BIOS: Emily Jones is a Portland-based performer and movement teacher. She is passionate about understanding the body as a sustainable landscape for exploration and expression. Emily has been studying Axis Syllabus since 2013 and currently in the process of becoming a certified teacher.

Rene´Soulier Smith is a person who likes to dance, to move and to learn.  She is fascinated by the human body and it's wide capacity to adapt, change, create habits, and rewire habits.  Rene´ lives in Portland and has been studying the Axis Syllabus since 2004.