FLOOR: 4-Week Workshop Series
Taught by Eliza Larson
Mondays | January 8-29 | 6:00PM-7:30PM


FLOCK member Eliza Larson will be teaching a special 4-week workshop series to ground us into the new year. 

FLOOR as propulsion, cushion, crash pad, antagonist, interrogator, lover.

FLOOR uses the ground for catalyst and movement. By bringing our attention to the floor and how we connect to the surfaces beneath us, we will increase our availability and potential for movement. We will find a dynamic relationship with the ground through rigorous physical exploration. We will interrogate gravity. As we move from the ground to standing, we will be free to take more risks, knowing we will be caught by the floor.  

$15 Drop-in // $45 for series
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Photo by Bill Watt