Many of us are in pursuit of evolving, of bringing forth our best. But what is the container for this work to exist in? Often we can forget the crucial practice of being with what is before we can invite what could be. Of standing in the truth of our moment to moment lives, where we may find a myriad of thoughts, feelings, emotions- often simultaneously. In this workshop we create a little space to compassionately observe them by using meditation, simple dance practices, writing, and each other. Support and reflect and strengthen the practice of knowing, and being, with what is.

BIO: Tracy Broyles is a Portland- based dancer, choreographer, movement instructor, and Core Energetics Counselor, that has been active in the community since 2000.

As a choreographer she is interested accessing and embodying the psyche as well as the greater mysteries that lie beyond it. She is intrigued by collective, archetypal stories and the way body and nature mimic and align together. Her work has been performed in Baltimore, San Francisco, Oakland, New York and Seattle, as well as Portland, where she has created seven evening-length pieces to date. Tracy's has received support from RACC, the MRG Foundation, and individual donors; and residencies with Signal Fire, Caldera, Studio Two, Water in the Desert. She attended Deborah Hay's Solo Commissioning Project in 2010 and is now a keeper of Art and Life.

As a Core Energetics counselor she believes in the wholeness and self-healing abilities of every individual, and that we have deep knowing within us of how to direct our paths, and our lives, what we need to connect with, and what we need to let go. Tracy strives to work with every client to usher these deep seeds from your unconscious to your conscious mind, supporting in the unique way you need support;  holding the container, channeling awareness or universal energy, and witnessing and reflecting in a non-judgemental and compassionate environment.