Come activate your DIVA body!
Come play and be led by curiosity as we explore somatic, performative and gestural practices aimed to energize and sensitize us as individuals and a group. These "Diva Practices" are part sensory improvisation and exploration, part aerobic exercise and part performance practice based in theatre, dance and drag. They are developed in part via my research into contemporary dance and as a drag performer. We will draw on para-theatrical exercise, lip synch, breathwork and a conceptual show-n-tell.

All levels. Wear comfortable cloths. No heels.

Participants encouraged to bring wigs and a meaningful article of "drag".

Saturday June 3rd // 1:00-3:30pm // Drop-in $12 //

Kaj-anne Pepper (Pepper Pepper) is a multidisciplinary artist working in performance, drag, theatre and dance.

Kaj-anne's fabulous drag persona "Ms. Pepper Pepper" is a humorous yet thoughtful gender bending MC and entertainer.

Together they explore vulnerability, artifice and identity while turning tragic into magic and trauma into drama. 

Pepper has premiered new work at festivals, nightclubs and alternative venues including RISK/REWARD, DANCE+, Performance Works Northwest, The Headwater’s Theatre, Austin International Drag Festival, PICA’s T:BA festival and internationally at OFF! Biennale Budapest.

Pepper’s newest project D.I.V.A PRACTICE is a research project about drag and contemporary performance as a solo, duet and ensemble. D.I.V.A PRACTICE is a performance about queens dancing in the face of uncertainty because being fabulous takes practice.