Emotional Body is a one-day creative dance workshop led by Romanian choreographer Cosmin Manolescu from Romania focusing on the concept of the awakening of the emotional body. Following a series of successful international workshops in Tokyo, Riga, Luxembourg, Porto, Timisoara and Bucharest, Cosmin Manolescu brings to Portland an experimental workshop in which the participants will be able to (re)discover the body and open their heart using different yoga and massages technique, movements and closed-eyes dance sessions. Touch, exploration, contact-improvisations and working imagination are key elements of the workshop. The workshop is offered free of charge to Portland performers, dance students, contact-improvisation lovers and local audience interested to learn and experience more about their body and contemporary dance.

The Emotional Body workshop in Portland is presented part of the exchange programme Moving Dialogue 2017, cultural project co-founded by the Administration of National Cultural Fund and the Global Practice Sharing program of Movement Research New York supported by funding from the Trust for Mutual Understanding.

Saturday June 25th // 1:00-5:00pm // FREE

 Cosmin Manolescu is choreographer and artistic director of the Serial Paradise Company/Gabriela Tudor Foundation. Since 1997, he played an important role in the development of contemporary dance in Romania. His artistic work was successfully presented in important festivals and venues in New York, San Diego, Paris, Lyon, London, Dublin, Porto, Rome, Florence, Catania, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Malmo, Luxemburg, Barcelona, Bremen etc. Starting with 2000 he invited regularly to Romania several USA choreographers like Donna Uchizona, Allyson Green, Amanda Loulaki, Catherine Gallaso, Tahni Holt for residencies, workshops and performances.  In 2010/2011 he initiated the Moving Dialogue, a Bucharest/New York dance exchange which followed with 2 residences offered to Tahni Holt (2013) and Catherine Gallaso (2014).

Since 2011, in collaboration with Stefania Ferchedau, he directed E-Motional – a European mobility, artistic research, exchange and co-production project developed in different phases in various European countries (Romania, Latvia, Portugal, Ireland, Cyprus, UK, Turkey), targeting artists and managers alike. In 2013 he initiated “Eastern Connection” – a three-year programme of exchanges and collaboration between Romania and Japan. Cosmin Manolescu is currently interested in cross-cultural collaboration and exchange, experiment and artistic innovation, creating performances and workshops that challenge the audience.