Gazing at the architecture of the body we’ll consider what it means to be under tension, pre-tensioned by gravity, our culture and society.  Through partnering, movement patterns, and improv we will inquire with curiosity, alternating between microcosm and macrocosm, between the spaces contained within our skin and the exterior, individual and community.  Celebrating our individuality, the delicate and robust, the beating heart and circulating blood, the folds and spirals; the inherent design of nature. This workshop is inspired by the Axis Syllabus.

Saturday March 25th 1:00pm-4:00pm // $15-$20 sliding scale

Emily Jones is a performer and movement teacher teacher based in Portland, Oregon. She is passionate about movement as a form of expression and a conduit for healing. Emily is currently an Axis Syllabus Teacher Candidate; this work has deeply influenced her practice and perspective.

Rene´Smith is a movement artist and LMT in Portland Oregon.  She is devoted to the study of functional and healthy movement patterns, and strives towards teaching movement that is accessible and fun to people of all backgrounds.  Rene´ has been a student of the Axis Syllabus for over eight years and is currently working towards her certification.