The wild body, the sensitive body, the sensuous body, the breathing body, the listening body, the reptilian body, the body intimate. The body that extends beyond the membrane of skin, the body with energetic presence.

In this workshop we practice being together (not in consensus) in tenderness.

We use sensations and disorientation to challenge our behavioral norms. We are highly sensitized to how we move, how we see, how we feel. This workshop proposes to disorient our specific strategies of knowing to allow for the unknown, the mystery and magic to guide us to wherever we show up.

Through rigorous physical expressions, somatic practices, readings, sensorial exercises including extensive touch, we awaken our potential body. The shape shifting body tethered to possibilities.

October 23-27 // 9:30-12:30 // Sliding scale $100-$150 // pre-registration required //

Bio: Tahni Holt is a teacher, choreographer and artistic director based in Portland, OR., who has been teaching and creating performances for the past nineteen years. Her creative practice follows her curiosities by asking questions that demand rigorous specificity yet remain open to a terrain of inquiry – inviting rather than prescribing interpretation.  Tahni actively uses her intuition, improvisational forms, collaborations with her students and performers, her ongoing somatic practice, and any other thing that she obsesses about, to teach and create work.

Currently Tahni is training to be an Alexander teacher and is in relation to how turning up one’s kinesthetic volume is a radical act–in-and-of-itself.  Presence is the ultimate rebellion of our time. 

Tahni has taught throughout the United States through numerous private institutions as well as guest artist teaching at Lewis and Clark College, Reed College, The University of Oregon and The University of Alaska. Holt is founder and director of Portland’s newest dance center, FLOCK. FLOCK is a dance center for movement exploration, creation and artistic practice, dedicated to Portland’s contemporary and experimental dance artists.

Holt’s choreography has been presented throughout the United States at venues including On The Boards (Seattle), Fusebox Festival (Austin), and The Lucky Penny (Atlanta), and PICA’s TBA Festival (Portland). Holt is a 2007 Oregon Arts Commission Fellowship recipient, and in 2010 was curated into the PORTLAND 2010 Biennial. She has had the pleasure of being an artist-in-residence in many places around the world, most recently at Caldera in Oregon. Other residencies include work in Anchorage, Boise, Atlanta, Walla Walla, France, and Greece; in 2013 the Suitcase Fund of New York Live Arts supported her residency with Bucharest choreographer Madalina Dan in Romania. She is a 2014-2015 NDP Touring Award recipient for Duet Love, which toured to Velocity Dance (Seattle), Pica’s TBA Festival and DiverseWorks (Houston).