Luminous Annihilation/Clear Eyes

Thursday February 25th, 6:30pm-8:45pm

We become luminous; we open our eyes. We are still seeking transparency. We are still welcoming abandon. We allow things to move through us. As soon as we find what we are doing we release it to allow it to transform and shift into something else. We release ourselves and allow ourselves to shift and transform! Or maybe we don't! Okay let's face it, if we are open to joyful annihilation, we can't actually predict what will happen, so let's not. By the way, this time we will work with our eyes.

We will see things, and things will see us. We invoke thunderstorms and start fires. We dance. We rest. We dance again.


BIO: Abby Crain is an Oakland based artist who makes dances, teaches, performs, writes, and curates.   Her solo and collaborative work has been shown in the Bay Area, NYC, and LA.  She has taught at Kunst -Stoff Arts, The FRESH Festival, ODC, Movement Research NYC, Sonoma State, Hunter College, NYC, Dance New Amsterdam, NYC, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Connecticut College, and teaches an annual retreat at Dos Rios California with Sara Shelton Mann.  Most recently Abby has been seen performing with Guillermo Gomez Pena and Sara Shelton Mann, as well as with Jess Curtis Gravity. She perfomed in NYC and internationally with Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful people from 2001-2009,  and with David Dorfman Dance from 2001-2004.  Her writing and interviews have been published by Itch Performance Journal (LA), PAPER FRONT (Portland), Critical Correspondence (NYC), and the Off Center (SF). Her curatorial projects include the NO THANK YOU SHOW, which asked artists to represent or stage work that has been rejected by granting organizations, theaters, collaborators, or the artist herself, as well as the NON MAJOR SHOW, which asked artists to show work was not in their primary medium. Her work is influenced by an ongoing polymorphous teaching and research project with Margit Galanter called Art Workouts, and a collaborative dialog around language and performances with Oakland poet, David Buuck. She is a certified teacher of Open Source Forms as developed by Stephanie Skura, and mother of two children.