What does this body make (reprise)?  WORKSHOP

During this class we will use our individual and group body to make and unmake ourselves. Working with disorientation, quick shifts of attention, endurance and group dynamics, we will move away from language and towards embodied comprehension. We will push to the edges but also question “edge” as a boundary or distinction between ourselves, others and the space we occupy.

Saturday Dec. 17th | 12:30-2:15pm | $12 drop-in

Check out Shannon's lecture/demonstration-not about thing directly following class

Bio: Shannon Stewart lives in New Orleans with her heart planted in the northwest and a career that migrates.  She is finishing an MFA in interdisciplinary performance and looking at the intersection of gender and sexuality studies with dance practices.  She researches the choreographic in education, relationships, and the performance of identity.
As a mover she has cross trained across modalities and is currently in a process of extracting codified dance vocabulary to see what is left. Her work has been presented and screened in North America, Europe, Russia, and South America.

The privilege of coming together with other moving bodies (aka class) is one of the richest experiences of performativity, vulnerability, and transformation.  This is what she is interested in holding space for as a teacher and colleague.

Homage to teachers/major influences - Deborah Hay, Crystal Pite, Angelle Hebert, Tino Seghal & Louse Hojer, Meg Stuart, Ralph Lemon, Darrell Jones