DANCE and CORE ENERGETICS WORKSHOP- guided practices to shake loose our blocks and melt into the movement around us, within and without.

When we are more empty, when we are more radiant, our dance is more dancing us- we become the vessel for the emergence of something curious and mysterious.

When we dance we are still our whole selves, including our unresolved blocks, unconscious and unfelt emotions and ideas that are driving us. Energy moves fluidly and expansively until it gets trapped, or eddies or swirls around a hardened feeling, thought, concept- located in the body. Then we flood it, or untangle it, or melt it so we can regain what is trapped and the energy continues.

Play and learn and practice to both know yourself more and less. Challenge your ideas of what movement is, and who you are as a dancer.

We will move a lot in this two hour workshop, and we will make some noise, be internal and external---- and have fun.

Saturday December 10th // 12:30-2:30 // $12 drop-in

If you have any questions please email Tracy directly:


Tracy Broyles is a Portland- based dancer, choreographer, movement instructor and energy counselor, that has been active in the community since 2000. As a choreographer and a practitioner she is interested accessing and embodying the psyche as well as the greater mysteries that lie beyond it. She is intrigued by collective, archetypal stories and the way body and nature mimic and align together. Her work has been performed in Baltimore, San Francisco, Oakland, New York and Seattle, as well as Portland, where she has created seven evening-length pieces to date. Tracy has received support from RACC, the MRG Foundation, and individual donors; and residencies with Signal Fire, Caldera, Studio Two, Water in the Desert. She attended Deborah Hay's Solo Commissioning Project in 2010 and is now a keeper of Art and Life. Tracy loves working with others through artistic collaboration, teaching and healing sessions. She is a certified Core Energetics Counselor.