Counter Spirals from the Universal Center: an Axis Syllabus Workshop

Today we are constantly hearing about core support and stabilization, but what exactly is “the core” and where does the support come from? This class is designed to look at where the legs and arms meet, the anatomical center: a core for sure. We will study the biomechanical structures in and around T-12, and how to both respect and utilize their design.  This area of support can facilitate versatility, complexity and free play.  Be prepared for counter rotations and undulations of rhythmic proportions.
Facilitated by Nuria Bowart.

Nov. 6th Sunday // 10:30-1:30pm // Pre-registration Before Nov. 1st $25 // Registration after Nov. 1st $35

To register please email:

BIO: Nuria has been dancing her whole life.  Her relationship to movement and music is professional, personal and therapeutic.  During the past fifteen years Nuria has been dancing professionally in New York City, Colorado, Scotland, Turkey, Brazil, Southeast Asia and most recently the greater Bay Area.  She has performed her own original choreographic and musical works, collaborative works, and performed as a dancer for other choreographers.  She considers herself to be a performance artist, dancer, choreographer, musician, Capoeirista, teacher, healer, and mother.

Personal statement about Axis Syllabus:

For the last three years I have been studying The Axis Syllabus.  The Axis syllabus is a body of biomechanical and physical knowledge compiled by a research community led by Frey Faust.  It is a systematic approach to inquiring and researching efficiency and non-violence in dynamic motion.    The Axis Syllabus looks at the form of the surfaces of the joints asa guide to movement parameters.  It explores the role of fascia and tensegrity in healthy movement.  For me, the study of Axis Syllabus is a deep look into the mystery and complexity of this body that I call home.  It helps me to understand all dynamic movement, and to see healthy pathways and choices that are available to me if I so choose them.  It also offers me a way to teach others to have sustainable options within dynamic motion.