• FLOCK (map)
  • 8371 N Interstate Ave. Studio 4
  • Portland, OR, 97212
  • USA

Int/Adv Open Company Class

Join us for an open company class.  This highly physical class is a container for advanced and intermediate dancers to explore and expand their movement understanding and possibility. This class will be a full bodied warmup drawing on contemporary techniques, including floor work and weight sharing.  We will slip through space and test our sense of balance and traditional ways of orienting to the world around us, increasing potential for physical articulation and emphasizing connectivity and flow.  Long pants and a shirt with sleeves are recommended.  

FRIDAYS9-10:30AM // $12 drop it ($50/5 class card)


Eliza Larson is a Portland-based dance maker, writer, and performer. Eliza received her MFA in dance from Smith College, where she worked extensively with Chris Aiken, Angie Hauser, and Paul Matteson and was a Gretchen Moran Teaching Fellow in the 5 College Dance Dept. Her choreographic work has been presented by Conduit, Muddy Feet, FLOCK, and around the country. In addition to her current Portland-based projects which will premiere in 2016, she also co-directs the Mountain Empire Performance Collective (mountainempiredance.com), a long-distance dance collective investigating different methods and approaches to making performance beyond geographic boundaries.  She is the author and illustrator of Terpsichore’s Deck, a set of 52 cards for choreographic inspiration, available at www.terpsichoresdeck.com, and a forthcoming chapter on gender and dance is to be published by the Univ of Florida press in early-2016She is thrilled to be back in Portland, diving into a new project, working with Tahni Holt and Push/Fold, and re-engaging her creative process. www.elizalarson.com.