Taught by Shannon Stewart (Seattle/New Orleans)

Saturday December 12th 12-2pm / Sunday December 13th 11-1pm

What does this body make?
 A group investigation of uncanny physicality and virtuosic meltdowns

During this two-day workshop, we will use each other and the group to make visible and luminous our improvisational and compositional voices.  We will work with nonlinearity, quick shifts between creative mediums, observing and taking on each others physicalities. We will push to the edges wherein our distinction lies.  We will say Yes!  And. . .

Each day will begin with a structured rave.

$20 for both days / $12 drop-in

BIO: SHANNON STEWART hastrained across movement modalities ranging from ballet to breakdancing to somatics throughout her professional career.  She is drawn to techniques that create narrative and specificity in the body and tools that use imagination and sensation to allow dancers of all levels to full embody their movement.  In recent years, Shannon began touring her own work nationally and worked under the mentorship of Deborah Hay and Crystal Pite.  She makes dance films with Adam Sekuler and has performed nationally and internationally, most notably with tEEth, Dayna Hanson, zoe | juniper, and Sebastian Mattius.