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the first in a series of Alexander Technique Workshops for dance artists
taught by Linda K. Johnson
 - dance artist, movement educator, and teacher of the Alexander Technique

Gravity… our earthly constant companion and the dancer’s true movement engine; also known and often experienced, however, in other forms as the wily trickster coyote that can lull the dancer into believing that efforting is the only adequate response to its downward pull. In this workshop, we will explore the many ways to use our relationship with gravity as one of our greatest tools and collaborators in motion.  It is because we ‘fall’ that we can move, and thus dance (or walk, or bike, etc…).  In the teaching of F.M. Alexander’s work, the notion of ‘up’ often overshadows the idea of what ‘up' is in relation to, which of course is... the fall. The skillful and playful balancing of these equal and opposite forces is free, appropriately-efforted, motion in and through space.  Yummy!!!

This will be in active workshop; we will dance - big, small, wide, free!  However, it is open to all levels of movers with at least a solid beginning dance background, meaning that movement material will be low intermediate level. This is not, though, a technique class.  I teach that on Tuesday nights.  This is an all-out laboratory for experimentation, i.e., ‘If I try this, I notice that I do/feel/sense that’.  Come play.

Date & time TBD

Photo Credit: Yalcin Erhan