Freedom Practice leans into and tones the necessary behaviors to exist in a politicized body. Guided by concepts of resistance, joy, and obsession, we believe in enacting a continuous state of research and improvisation, in articulating the wild and contradictory powers and ideas of the dancing body, and in allowing the grit and madness of our contemporary state to fuel our physical impulses. This workshop will focus on: long-form ecstatic moving states to push the breakage of pattern/posturing in our performance practices; focused sensory response research to identify which elements we each have the strongest individual dynamics with; total image ball/runway/witnessed solos to create dreams and magic and instant art works; and texts and discussion about bodies, time, and what’s going on around us.

We’ll be working the studio, but as a counter-point we’ll also be engaging “quotidian practices.” We’ll create scores/rituals that we can take home and invite into the minutiae of our bodies, our homes, our beds, our dreams. We extend the practice to excavate the creative viability of the big wide world around us. Using the practice as both a personal and political tool to unlock the total possibility of LIVING ART. Let’s try hard! It is our personal belief, that the world needs these shake ups RIGHT. now. The potential of art/creativity/ritual/magic need to be unhinged from the pivots of “career” and “profession,” and allowed to seep into the totality of our being/living.

Freedom Practice is on Saturday April 12th + Sunday April 13th to be taken independently or as a two day workshop: from 3:30-8:30pm ; $40/$70 for both

Pre-registestration recommended :

Photo credit: Pat Moran