THE SUMMIT: A gathering, a class, an event instigated by FLOCK's Director Tahni Holt.  She uses this title to lean into a shared experience of an expedition. An expedition that lends itself to self discovery in our individual bodies and a collective experience in our communal body. The Summit gathers us in the same space to move together yet allow for different instigations, desires, strategies, imaginations and outcomes. It is an improvisation. Mantras for the Summit are: We do not know before the knowing of something; We might be afraid to fail but that would never stop us from trying.

For THE SUMMIT Tahni will lead a warm up that inspires our intelligent bodies to WAKE UP to the potential of awareness and presence. The dance is created by the grace, energy, DNA, physicality, intelligence, studies and curiosities that make up our persons. Live accompanist to be named.



Saturday January 24th / 1-3pm / Pay what you can ($5-$20 suggested donation)


Bio: Holt has been creating dances in Portland for the past 18 years and is deeply committed this region's arts ecology and its communities. She has traveled extensively as a choreographer, performer, teacher and student, and is profoundly inspired by colleagues around the world who situate their artistic practices to utilize the best artistic conditions. The mission of FLOCK is shaped by Holt's believes; convictions which invigorate a proactive project of artist-driven empowerment.

Tahni Holt is deeply invested in creating opportunities for other dance artists as well as creating space for experimental explorations and conversations. Community making is at the core of what she does, be it by way of performance, teaching or the rallying of peers toward a common cause.

In a culture where art is severely marginalized, Holt persists in creating time and place for process, inquiry and practice; for her community as well as for herself. Her dance making, her teachings, and her organizational endeavors all aim toward a central goal: to create important conversations - be they in movement or in language - that enrich those who engaged in them, and that would not exist without the initiative that fostered them.