FIRST MONDAY with Tracy Broyles

FIRST MONDAY with Tracy Broyles

FLOCK member Tracy Broyles’ FIRST MONDAY- a monthly work/play shop starting in October. Each month will have a different theme relating to Energy and Consciousness. FIRST MONDAY is an ongoing series of work/play-shops that uses creative practices to explore thematic material. Themes relate to consciousness, energy, science, and the psyche. Exploration uses curiosity and intuition along with the body. For more information and a full list of past/upcoming themes visit Questions/Registration

First Mondays March 3rd, April 1st, May 6th: 9:30-11:30 am // By donation $18 suggested, no one turned away for lack of funds.

MARCH THEME: Altars of Reconciliation, in this two hour work/play-shop we investigate the question- What within us is ready to be examined in service of reconciliation? We investigate through tools of somatic and energetic listening and responding. We will move a lot, and we will do some writing. You do not need to come with an agenda, the practice is in the questioning and listening, questioning and listening.

FEBRUARY THEME: FEBRUARY THEME: Dissolving- the practice of letting go of an action or thought/emotion after it has presented and completed itself, to transform the past. The I- your story, your life experience, who you think you are. Tracy Broyles will guide you through somatic play and meditation that flirts with this impossible task. Adrian Hutapea joins with music. Everyone welcome. Light touch/partnering may be incorporated.

OCTOBER THEME was: Breath as a metaphor for Giving and Receiving.

NOVEMBER THEME: Monsters lurking in our idealized self image

DECEMBER THEME: Enlivening the Energy Body:
Everything is Energy. The physical body is the densest layer of the Energetic Field. Vibration, color, sound, thoughts, emotions, have energy. Consciousness and Energy are entwined in a deeply dissolving and rotating dance. In this work/play shop, we will work with practices that help us connect with and perceive our energy bodies, as well as how our field interacts with others. Art on the wall and live music help us let go into the connection to energy as vibration. Meditation, Movement, Creative Play led by Tracy Broyles, environment created by jaime lee christiana, and live music by Adrian Hutapea. 

Circle Around and Body Universe: An Axis Syllabus Dance Class with guest teacher Miranda Janeschild

Circle Around and Body Universe: An Axis Syllabus Dance Class with guest teacher Miranda Janeschild

Circle Around the Body Universe: An Axis Syllabus Dance Class with guest teacher Miranda Janeschild

We will PLaY & SeNsE iNto CiRcuLaR limb and torso movement as a way to harness kinetic energy with decreased motoric effort. We will DaNcE while capturing pendulum and helix like movement as we swing and ride the energy exchange between the pelvis / legs and torso / arms connections. Please Join Us!

March 30th // 10-12pm // $15.00 // pre register-PayPal:

Contact Miranda or Emily Jones with any questions // Miranda, 831-234-4870, // Emily,