Exquisite Corpus:  Saturdays 12-3pm | April 12th-June 14th

Exquisite Corpus is a workshop series collaboratively created and taught by Linda Austin, Tahni Holt and Linda K. Johnson.  Open to all artists working in any discipline who are concerned with the materials of performance, Exquisite Corpus will explore a wide range of methods and strategies that address one of the elemental aspects of the performative act - embodiment: what am I doing, how am I doing it, what does it communicate, how do I get present? Subsidized by a grant from PICA’s new Precipice Fund the workshop seeks to bring together artists from many divergent practices and communities in an open study performance forum. We will move, read, discuss, create, destroy, debate, and witness each other.

Exquisite Corpus is taught in two, 5-week workshops, to be taken independently or as a series: Saturdays, 12-3p: April 12th-May 10th and/or May 17th-June 14th; $60/$100 for both

Class is limited to 15 | Please email to register: hello@flockpdx.org

Exquisite Corpus is supported by:

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The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts