FLOCK provides an accessible creative hub where the most urgent contemporary issues take shape. FLOCK rethinks ways of being together while committed to plural identities, a place in perpetual motion that is shaped by the artists involved and projects that it works to defend. FLOCK is a dynamic incubator for risky creative endeavors that radically impacts the ecology of the Portland dance and art communities.

FLOCK supports both choreographic works and educational engagements. Located in the heart of North Portland, FLOCK brings together a dynamic team of choreographers who call FLOCK their artistic home: Tahni Holt, Lucy Yim, Tracy Broyles, Allie Hankins, Stephanie Lanckton, Dawn Stoppiello, Kaj-Anne Pepper, Deanna Carlson and Danielle Ross.

It gives us autonomy to create the conditions we need to best support our work while being in relation to one another. FLOCK is dedicated to supporting local, national and international dance artists through opportunities to both facilitate and participate in on-going classes and series-based workshops.

Installed with 1600 square feet of danceable hard wood flooring and ample facilities, FLOCK inspires and ignites. It is in the heart of North Portland, in the building of Disjecta Contemporary Arts Center.  This close proximity allows for interesting connections and opportunities with visiting and local artists.

Community making is at the core of what we do, be it by way of performance, teaching or the rallying of peers toward a common cause. FLOCK is directly shaped out of these core beliefs and convictions. It generates time and place for process, inquiry and practice for Portland's experimental and contemporary dance community. FLOCK creates long-term sustainable support for the creation and education of exceptional dance in our region.

If you're interested in furthering the progress and presence of dance in our community, the time is now. Join us in making an internationally known dance center that is driven by the creation of more agency for the artist. Join us in making FLOCK a reality today.

Tahni Holt and the FLOCK crew